How To Register as Hotel Owner in
Please Follow below steps to Register as Hotel Owner
1. Please find the link button "New Member Registration" in our homepage… it is placed in the "Member LogIn" box which is located at left side.
2.Please click the link button "New Member Registration".
3. Fill the Registration Form.
4. Here, you have to select "Hotel Owner" from MemberType box .
5.The Special thing that you have to notice :
.When you create the new user id, please you should click on Check availability link button wait until the result come out "User ID is available"
6. Then you can continue filling the boxes with your own information
7. At the bottom, you can click "save" button to register into our website (Please double check your information before click the "save" button)
For Detail Explanation, we provide you all the print screen of the registration form
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Hotel Owner Register Screen Shot